eureka media blog hosting – £19.99 per year.

So you have an idea you want to take to the world? Or perhaps a already existing blog you are looking to take to the next level? Eureka Media Blog Hosting Package is the one for you then! We host a variety of blogs in our client base from the arts and crafts to the Iron Man of Triathletes! We can cater for all your needs such as the hosting and domains, stock images where needed. We also offer as part of the package to aid you in monetising your blog, we work very closely with brand managers from some of the biggest companies and brands from around the world, and also with affiliate programs such as AWIN and Google AdSense which aid in turning your ideas and hard work into hard cash!

Previous clients in this area include a idea that started off as a blog and turned into a worldwide brand in the form of Bike Bible. Where it went from a group of friends on Facebook to a world recognised brand making money from affiliate links and adverts via their reviews and links.

Really good helpful and friendly….

Really good helpful and friendly company got my blog page up and running with no problems.

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Our blog package

Our blog package is hosted via WordPress, we chose to host blog packages via WordPress as it is really simple to use for beginners and experts alike, meaning that you the end user can simply navigate and use the platform. If you can write a blog post using a word processor – you will be able to use WordPress! Do not worry if you have never done this sort of thing before we will be here to help when ever needed!

Now we are aware that sites such as WordPress themselves offer blog posts for free and even offer to help you monetise your blog – so why would you chose to host your blog with us? Well there are a few major differences in the packages we offer and the main ones are:

Your Domain – We purchase this for you up to a cost of £5.00 per year, and this will not be a add on address such as WordPress offer so your domain will not look like this : domain – instead it would look like Now we hear you asking why is this important? Well if you are looking to grow your blog and make money from it – you need to be found so simply from an SEO perspective its much more important to have your blog hosted on your own domain.

Monetization:  With free blog hosting platforms regardless of if you want adverts or not these are placed on your work, and in 99% of the cases none of the income for this is passed back to you unless you meet a certain criteria. Eureka Media help you to set up these ads, and do so in a way that 100% of the revenue generated is yours to keep – we help you to set up the ads, create the accounts for you and get everything running – but the revenue is yours to keep.

Stock Images: We have purchased, begged and borrowed from a host of sources to bring you a whole host of stock images that can be used completely free of charge!

We could make a huge long page about the benefits we have for our blog clients – but we would probably bore half of you to death! Want to know more? Want to see if we can help? Use the contact form below or email us on Check out our clients section here for some examples of blogs we currently host, or our feedback section here for some reviews of our services. These both can also be found on our Facebook page here!