Chris Evans
Founder of eureka media

Chris founded Eureka Media! He is also our chief designer and content writer! With equal passion for cycling and web design we have lots of examples of Chris’s work we can provide! Looking to hire Chris? Or want to see examples of his work? Reach out below!

John Gill
Team Member

When John is not busy working or being a dad, he runs a cycling workshop fixing up bikes, so naturally we recruited John here at Eureka Media to be part of our content team! Looking to hire John or want to see examples of his work? Reach out using the form below!

Matthew Kimber
Team Member

Matthew joined the Eureka Media team in 2018 and works mainly in our business consultancy services. He is you man to talk to about all things Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, Basic Logo design/alternations, photography, data analysis and also does some content writing for us!  Want to see if Matthew can help? Reach out on the contact form below! 

The Hidden Team Member
Jack Of All Trades

We could tell you who our Hidden Team Member is but we would have to kill you! This team member is the unsung hero in Eureka Media but for reasons we cannot disclose….we cannot tell you about them or whom they are! You will just have to trust us when we say that the “Hidden Team Member” has been working on your project….that it will be to the highest of standards! 


Eureka Media works with an army of contractors from around the globe, we have hand picked the best from the best and bring them in when we need them to ensure our clients are getting the best possible service from us! We have graphic designers, bloggers, content writers, web designers, hosting specialists, SEO specialists, photographers and even have experts in their fields in such things as Microsoft Office, Spreadsheets and business services. This gives Eureka Media the edge over our competitors as we offer a one stop shop! Speak to us today about your needs or check out what kind of services we offer here! Get in touch below for more details!